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When you're considering going off to Malta for a holiday think of St Paul's Bay, the picturesque part of the island's north east coast.

St Paul's Bay, Malta

In St Paul's Bay the gently curving shoreline gives harbour to many small boats floating on its calm waters. History has it that it was off the coast here, on a small island called Selmunett, that a storm wrecked the ship of the apostle Paul and ran him aground, but now the area is more renowned for being the largest holiday resort in Malta's northern territories.

In St Paul's Bay three very different holiday resorts have intermingled to become one long expanse of hotels and apartments stretching for a full five kilometres along the Maltese shore.  The Old Town of St Paul's has maintained its character as Bugibba and Qawra have sprung up on its shoulders and continued expanding as the popularity of this Mediterranean sunshine destinations continues increasing.

Beaches in St Paul's Bay

For such a popular holiday place, and one where the sea-front is lined with hotels, surprisingly enough St Paul's Bay lacks any kind of decent beach. The nearest good one, and in fact Malta's best beach, is the fantastic stretch at Mellieha in the neighbouring bay. The coast is a rocky one, though there are some places where sun-worshippers can spread their towels and soak up the sun.

Hotels and Apartments in St Paul's Bay

A beach there might not be, but St Paul's Bay isn't short of holiday accommodation and many rooms are available at very reasonable prices. Depending on your personal budget and requirements it's not difficult to find something to suite your taste and pocket amidst the mass of choice. High class four stars hotels with all amenities at your disposal, such as the Santana with its indoor pool, right the way down the scale to no star pensions where you can bunk down for the night are common in St Paul's Bay.

Restaurants in St Paul's Bay

As in any large tourist destination good restaurants abound and just wandering around the main areas will leave the tempting aromas of good food wafting past your nostrils. On Church Street is a family run restaurant called Tarragon which serves top class Mediterranean dishes at very reasonable prices. If you're thinking of trying the local fresh fish then the Gillieru Restaurant on St Paul's Bay's Church Street will have you asking for second helpings.

Bars and Pubs in St Paul's Bay

Bugibba seems to have captured the spirit of the night in this part of the island and St Paul's Bay has been left to enjoy quiet and relaxed nights without the madness most popular tourist locations display. If you're in serious need of letting your hair down then fun is only a taxi ride away or make a night of it and head down to Paceville, the hottest night spot in Malta.

Things to do and see in St Paul's Bay

In and around St Paul's Bay the waters of the Mediterranean Sea are crystal clear and full of exotic marine life. It's the perfect place to snorkel or scuba dive. If you don't do either and you're off to Malta and going to be staying in St Paul's Bay, it could be the ideal time for taking up a new hobby.