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Sliema : Malta's Busiest Holiday Resort

Off to Malta this year? Why not stay in Sliema

Sliema may have a fishing village history, but its been one of Malta's most visited holiday spots for several decades. One nice aspect of staying in Sliema for a holiday is its close proximity to Malta's international airport. Pick your bags up after the plane's landed and you'll be in your hotel before you've had a chance to say – I'm Off to Malta for my holiday!

Sliema is a holiday resort which has grown around its native buildings and into a very, popular European vacation destination. Sliema, unlike much of Malta, isn't really about history, it's more about holidays. Though the Knights Templers of the Order of St John still left their mark on this coastal resort in the shape of a tall watch tower overlooking the sea.

Hotels in Sliema

Hotels and apartments in Malta's holiday resort of Sliema are everywhere, but the Tower Road or Triq it Torri, is lined with them and they're all facing right onto the sea.  If the holiday spending budget allows for extravagances the Palace Hotel is a perfectly situated, deluxe five star with its own roof top swimming pool. If not, then go for a three star such as the The New Tower Palace Hotel or the Imperial Hotel with its Victorian décor which will just about fit the bill.

Sliema's Beach and Sea Front

There's not a beach in Sliema, but there are some natural sea pools along the coastline for swimming and it's a perfect place for basking. A good tip would be take along some of those cheap plastic beach shoes for getting in and out as the rocks, even though there are hand rails to hold, are covered in algae and they'll help prevent slipping.

Strolling in Sliema is one way of keeping fit on your holiday in Malta and  the beautiful sea-front promenade is ideal for this sedate activity. The flat, wide paving stretches for miles, or five kilometres to be precise, and is on a level so it won't tax even the most unfit. Or, if the night before was spent partying round in Paceville, it's a good way of walking off the after effects. Sliema's promenade is popular with the local residents too, so mingle with the crowd and get a real taste of what being Maltese is all about.

Shopping and Eating Out in Sliema

Thinking of going shopping or eating out in Sliema? Then it has to be done on Tower Road. It's an unequalled stretch of commercialization crammed packed full of just about everything you could wish to spend your money on. Restaurant wise there are too many to name individually, but for some good and local style Maltese food, which has that undeniable Mediterranean, flavour try the Le Malte and you won't be disappointed. For more regular international food, you won't go far wrong by popping into The Kitchen, also on Tower Road, for your dinner.

There's are every type of shopping facilities in Sliema, so you won't need to look far for that special souvenir to take home or to find that unexpected holiday bargain. If there's not enough to satisfy your shopping needs don't worry, Valetta, Malta's capital city, is just around the corner or better said, just across the water if you catch the local ferry service from the harbour.