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If you're off to Malta then the chances are you'll be off to Qawra.

Malta's Holiday Resort of Qawra.

Qawra  is a popular European holiday destination situated in the northern part of  Malta. An incongruous part of St Paul's Bay and a running extension to the massive and better known, neighbouring resort of Bugibba.

The best part of  the town is its sea front promenade which stretches in a long arc around the curving bay. The promenade is backed by multiple high rise hotels which form the main accommodation in Qawra.

The area, once a guardian strong point in the epoch of the Knights of St John, displays an intact relic of the seventeenth century in the Fra Ben Tower. The square watch tower, now a restaurant, was built to help maintain the islands safe from sea-faring attack.

Qawra's Beach

Qawra unfortunately has only a tiny scrap of sand for bathers, but her rocky shores are a popular spot for diving expeditions and there are several diving schools in the area. Close by, and with a regular bus service running between the two, is Malta's longest beach which is in the holiday resort of Mellieha.

Hotels in Qawra, Malta

Choosing somewhere to stay in Qawra isn't difficult. With such an outstanding array of accommodation on offer it's easy to find exactly what you're searching for. The fantastic Suncrest SeaShells Resort is just one which vies for a prospective visitor attention and has all the ingredients to make the dream of a superb holiday come true.

A little lower on the price scale is the White Dolphin Complex. But there are many more and with so much choice on offer, it's best to shop around and compare before making your final booking and hence we have listed all the hotels in Qawra for you here.

Good Pubs and Restaurants in Qawra

With certain similarities to its sister resort of Bugibba, Qawra has many international style eating houses catering for a mainly British clientèle. For true Mediterranean dining, don't be put off by the name of the Overflow Restaurant, they're renowned for their good food and excellent service.

If you want something slightly different, the restaurant called Duo on the Qawra Road has an unusual menu which combines the style of Spanish tapas with Greek mezze, a mix not to be missed

One thing which kicks off nightly in Qawra is the Karaoke! A holiday wouldn't be the same without it. Letting your hair down where no-one knows you is all part of the fun. Try a warble at the Little Waster, the family run pub named for the famous British comedian, Bobby Thompson. It's a place where you can sing your heart out.

If you want something a little quieter and a touch classier try the Billabong Bar on Andrew Cunningham Street. For drinking and eating in the same place Incognito on Qawra's Fliegu Street its the bill perfectly. Terrace dining accompanied by good music and an occasional Elvis impersonator. What more could you possibly want for if you're off to Malta?