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off to Malta? Make it a party and head for Paceville!

A fully fledged resort in its own right, Paceville has everything you could dream of to make your holiday memorable - if you're thirty-five and under. If you're more than that, then its recommended to take ear plugs and paracetamol to help you cope with the effects of loud noise or better still, choose a different resort.

Paceville is a place which is looking to get its name firmly stamped on the nightlife map of
Europe and is succeeding in style.

Hotels in Paceville

Priorities must come first and everyone needs a bed to put their head down on when the disco lights get turned off for the night and dawn eventually breaks over Paceville's. There's a good choice of reasonably priced hotels and self catering apartments in Paceville itself. Many are of a low star rating, but that doesn't mean low standards and some even have twenty-four hour bar and food service.

Onyx Suites and Apartments and the Tropicana Hotel are right in the heart of Paceville, as is the Seven Apartments. All may only have a two star rating, but they're right in the thick of things and it won't take you long to stumble home at the end of the night. Not good enough? Then there's the Malta Hilton Hotel on the marina for posh party goers.

Eating Out in Paceville

Don't worry – we'll get to the nightlife in a minute! Food might not seem very important, but having a good time takes strength and energy and eating is essential to staying the pace. Try the Kandles restaurant for good price menus with a touch of Maltese style cooking or Shiva's Indian if you want a spicy meal. Fast food is available day and night and there are plenty of Chinese restaurants too, all good for soaking up the over intake.

Nightlife in Paceville, Malta

Paceville is Malta's party town. No, not just a street dedicated to youthful enthusiasm and having a
good time, but a whole town. So if you want to do it and do it in style - forget Ibiza. The latest
and best place to go if you're young, off to Malta on your holiday and looking for some all out fun - is Paceville.

As far as the bars and clubs go, it doesn't matter what type of pub you prefer or what music you're into, you'll find it in Paceville. Themed bars such as Footloose, let loose in the Wild West with a few yehaa's and pretty cheap tequila. There are huge venue-style pubs such as the Empire or the Havana, popular for soul and RnB, plus a never-ending list of others.

*Something for the girls- if you're heading anywhere near the Trig Santa Rita – leave your high heels back at the hotel. There are stairs and stairs to contend with and after a drink or two...

So, if you've been looking for Europe's best night-time hot spot, you've found it - Paceville. It's just one, long street party every night