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Mellieha : Malta's Best Beach Resort

If you're off to Malta this year, stop and think for a minute. Real beaches in Malta are few and far between, but set in a delightful wide bay on Malta's north coast and only twenty kilometres from Malta's International Airport, is Mellieha. Mellieha is Malta's exception to the rule.

The beach area in Mellieha is a gently curving strand of almost three quarters of a kilometre in length and makes bathing in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea a genuine pleasure all year round. With a wide spread of abundant soft sand it's ideal for children and is one reason why Mellieha is one of the top family holiday resorts in Malta.

Mellieha Hotels and Apartments

Mellieha itself is a village which dates back to antiquity and where, from its setting high on the incline of a hill, the ivory coloured bell-towers of the local church cast their shadow across the settlement surrounding it. The town may have some stunning views overlooking the sea below, but Mellieha has kept the best part of her fortress-like geographical location for her holiday-making visitors.

The apartments and hotels in Mellieha encircle the rear of the sandy beach. There's not far to go when you've children to think of and no steep hills to climb when they're tired and you need to get back to your holiday accommodation.

Just a mere thirty metres is the walking distance between the doors of the beautiful Riu Seabank Hotel and the sea. Any closer than that and it'd be submerged! It's not the only one near Mellieha's beach  either. There are many hotels and apartments to chose from in Mellieha and something to suit every type of budget.

Things To do and See in Malta's Holiday Resort of Mellieha

There are many fascinating places to visit in and around the bay and town of Mellieha. The Gozo ferry runs its regular service to the neighbouring island from Cirkewwa's small harbour and makes for a refreshing day out. Catch the sea air as you sail across the placid waters and then spend some time exploring the quaintness of the streets of Gozo's old town.

St Paul's Bay, named after one of the four original saintly apostles, is just five kilometres away and is the place where St Paul was reputed to have been shipwrecked during his exodus from Crete. On an equally religious note, up in the main town of Mellieha is a holy well situated in an underground cavern whose waters are reputed to have special healing qualities.

Eating Out and Night Life In Mellieha.

Mellieha is orientated to people who come to Malta on family holidays, but that doesn't mean there aren't good restaurants where you can dine out at a reasonable price. On the Triq Il-Marfa, the main road which passes the beach front and heads up to the hillside town, is Assaggio, an Italian restaurant which also has some traditional Maltese cuisine on the menu. Coniglio alla Maltese is a tasty rabbit dish which comes highly recommended.

Night life in Mellieha is subdued, but with the same as everywhere else, if you want some you'll find it.

So if you're off to Malta this year make sure you stay in Mellieha - it's an ideal place for a family holiday.