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Driving a Car in Malta & Gozo

Renting a car in Malta gives you the liberty to visit all the attractions at your own pace. There are a lot of things to see and do all around Malta and Gozo. Historical sites, beaches, villages, museums, panoramic view points, are all things you should visit whilst on your holiday in Malta. The best way is to drive around your own rented car as this will facilitate your journey.

In this section we are going to list some of the most important factors of driving in Malta as we want our customers to familiarise themselves with our driving regulations and moreover ‘habits’

Essential Information;

Driving in Malta is on the left hand side. This is good news to British visitors but not as good to visitors from continental Europe and other countries which in majority drive on the right.

Speed Limit is 80Km (49mph) on open roads whilst 50Km (31mph) in residential areas. As a word of caution in recent years a number of speed cameras have been installed around the island and hence speed limits are enforced.

The drink driving limit is 35mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood – which is less than the UK limit of 80mg per 100ml

You must be 18 or over and hold a valid driving licence. Certain car hire companies imply an elder age of 21-23 to be eligible to rent a car.

School buses and public transport have right of way when they are leaving a bus stop. Even do horse carriages which are still rather frequent on the Maltese roads.

Use of the horn is permitted only in cases of immediate and extreme danger

It is illegal to use both a hand held or a hands free mobile phone device

Seat belts are compulsory for all people travelling in the car even in the back seats.

Other Information;


Petrol Stations are open 7 days a week on a 24 hour basis. They are usually manned between 7am and 7pm and after hours they operate on self service basis. They serve leaded and unleaded petrol and diesel.

Important : Credit cards are not accepted


Do not park where there are double yellow lines. When visiting certain localities in Malta and Gozo watch out for “Time Parking Zones”. These are zones where parking is limited to a one hour maximum. 
In particular when visiting Valletta and Sliema, make sure not to park in resident’s parking slots which are coloured in blue in Valletta. In both Valletta and Sliema you can make use of private parking garages.

Other things you should know:

  • There are no toll roads in Malta

  • You shouldn't use your horn in built-up areas between 11pm-6am

  • Children under age 3 must use a suitable child restraint. Children aged 3-12 should use one where available but can use an adult seat belt if not

  • Local drivers don't usually indicate when changing lanes

  • Make sure you are well covered by your car hire insurance policy. We suggest you read this article.

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