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Malta Car Hire - Rent a Car in Malta

Hiring a car in Malta is definitely the best way to get around the island. It is the most economic and also most practical way to visit the best attractions. Malta is described as an open air museum with attractions scattered all around the island. Public transport is not exactly efficient (although a public transport reform is in progress) hence it is best to have your own car and drive around freely. Moreover you will be able to explore off the beaten track attractions.

Distances in Malta are very short, with at most having to drive 30min to the next attraction. This will leave you ample time to relax and enjoy your holiday. Check out our 'Driving in Malta' page for further information.

At OfftoMalta we are offering an extensive range of cars to suit your needs and your budget. The rates are also amongst the most competitive you will find on the internet. Booking your car via OfftoMalta will not incur you extra charges. Click here to see why you should book you car through OfftoMalta