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Malta : A European Holiday Destination of Excellence

Malta : The Best Choice for a Holiday in the Sun

Considering going off to Malta for a holiday this year? Malta is a popular European holiday destination  and the largest island in the group which forms the stunningly beautiful Maltese archipelago.

Set in the calm waters of the Mediterranean sea, just off the southern coast of Italy, the archipelago comprises of the island Malta itself, its neighbour Gozo, the smaller Comino and many other tiny, uninhabited islets,

Malta's Beaches

There are many sea-side holiday resorts in Malta, but the jagged northern coast, decorated with its many coves and inlets has been developed into the best, secluded holiday spot. Brilliant blue, crystalline waters bathe the island's shoreline in the northern resort of Mellieha. Nestled in the sweeping curve of a natural bay, Mellieha has one of the largest beaches in Malta.

In comparison the four decades popular and very British orientated resort of Bugibba, just to the south of Mellieha, is blessed only with a rocky inlet for sunbathers and swimmers. St Julian's Bay in the east has just a small stretch of beach and a lot of visitors to fit on it.

Hotels and Apartments in Malta

Service is the key word for Maltese people. As a guest on the beautiful island of Malta expect to be be made to feel at home. Hotels range from the basic to the most luxurious of five star installations.
In Mellieha there are many family orientated hotels where young children are welcome. It's the ideal place for a family holiday in the sun.

Sliema and St Julian's Bay are well established holiday resorts in Malta and have many three, four and five star hotels facing seaward. Paceville, the town of notably wild nightlife also has an abundance of self-catering apartments which are great for an economic holiday.

Malta's Weather

This Mediterranean zones comfortable summer temperatures and moderate winters is one of the features which attracts so many visitors to Malta all year round. The languid high of Malta's  summer days peaks at thirty fivve degrees centigrade and the extended hours of sunlight last as long as twelve per day. Winter is cooler and on average between ten and fifteen degrees would be an expected reasonable temperature which makes it the perfect time for sightseeing in Malta.

Sightseeing in Malta

For a land mass of such moderate size, Malta has a fascinating historical past. The streets of Valletta, Malta's capital city, are steeped in the history of the Knights Templers and bathed in the golden glow of the sun reflecting off the stonework of St John's Cathedral and the surrounding buildings.

Religious legend infuses the very air and many of Malta's main sightseeing attractions have some kind of religious connection. From the ruins of pagan temples reminiscent of the Ancient  Greek era to underground catacombs and shadowy medieval cathedrals. Even in the smallest of villages the towering spire of a church rises high above the roof tops to pierce the cerulean blue of the sky.

There's not a shortage of places to make a day visit to, but if religious artefacts leave you cold, another popular sightseeing option is a visit the sea caves of the Blue Grotto. There, a short boat ride carries passengers through the curving arch of rocks into the palatial chambers of cliff-side caves. It's a fantastic photo opportunity most visitors don't want to miss when visiting Malta.

Nightlife in Malta

Nightlife in Malta has always been thought of as sedate and maybe somewhat for the more mature set. Well, it's the wrong impression completely! At the heart of Malta's biggest holiday resorts hides the hottest place for partying since Magaluf in Majorca went out of fashion and its called, Paceville.

It all sums up to make the Mediterranean island of Malta a European holiday destination of excellence. So when your friends ask where you're going for you next holiday, just tell them – I'm off to Malta!

Topography and other Information

Location :

Malta is an archipelago consisting of three main islands, Malta, Comino and Gozo. The islands are positioned at the centre of the Mediterranean, around 93km south of Sicily and 288km north of Africa.

Territory :

Malta is quite small covering an area of 316sq km and a coastline of 252.81km

Climate :

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers, warm and sporadically wet autumns, and short, cool winters with adequate rainfall. Nearly three-fourths of the total annual rainfall of about 600 millimetres (24 inches) falls between October and March; June, July, and August are normally quite dry

Population :

Malta has a population of about 440,000 people

Language :

Maltese is the official language. English and Italian are widely spoken.


Over the centuries many countries tried to dominate the islands as its geographic location was of importance, each new arrival on the island left its legacy. Hence what you see today is a complex amalgamation of different cultures from countries which ruled Malta in the past namely England, France, and the Knights.

Currency :

Malta 's official currency is the €uro. US dollars, British Pound, other currencies, and credit cards are widely accepted in Malta .

Diseases :

No yellow fever, malaria, Ebola or tropical illnesses exist in Malta . Tap water is safe to drink in all tourist cities and mineral water is of top quality.